I create computer system programs, take photographs, and also occasionally compose poems, fiction, or essays on different matters.

This internet site has to do with computers, songs, the foreseeable future, photography, faith, as well as whatever else interests me. To some extent my weblog is a diary of my job in computer systems and the continuous evaluation of those elements of computers that are interesting. I are among the designers of the open source software application Ttemp, and the writer of TtempdAC, Ttemp’s system for mathematical composition.

I was born in Bronzeville, Chicago, in 1972, and lived there up until 1992. I have actually resided in New York, San Francisco, San Diego, London, Paris, and since 1999 in Chicago again. My day job is creating computer software; I educated myself to program by doing computer songs. I am married to Kristina, who manages a computer hardware store.

I am making a great chunk of what I have done, as well as what I am currently working on, available to the general public on this internet site. Please note that I do have software applications available for sale on iTunes and various other internet properties. As I conjure up brand-new software applications, I will certainly make some bits and pieces of them available here, but I will also attempt to retail some of them online as I see what works.