Review of “Oryx and Crake” and “Year of the Flood,” by Margaret Atwood

Atwood proves herself a master science fiction writer in these books, the first two of a trilogy (the third has not yet been published). Spoiler alert: this review begins with plot summaries!

Oryx and Crake tells the story, in reverse via flashbacks, of how Crake, a genius with a grudge against the world, designs […]

Consequences of Nuclear Deterrence — Seen at Age 19 and Age 59

When I was 19 I thought and wrote about the future from the standpoint of a would-be “hard” science-fiction writer.

My basic thinking was to explore the long-term consequences of the nuclear balance of terror. I did not believe that the balance was truly stable (events have since proved me correct). I thought there […]


Iran appears to be acquiring nuclear weaponry. So far, or rather since Nagasaki, the leaders of the nuclear powers have been, just, rational enough not to use their weapons. If Middle Eastern nations acquire them, perhaps their leaders also will be so rational — indeed, I would expect so. But what if paramilitary forces get […]